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Welcome truth seekers.

You know, just because an idea is popular, doesn't mean it is right or good.


Our beliefs are shaped by many factors including exposure, comprehension, personality, circumstances and pressure. This has led to the popular adoption in society of a number of ideas that are just wrong. Some are harmless enough, others are pretty bad, and some are downright evil.

Have you ever noticed people that you thought were pretty switched on, vehemently supporting ideas they know little about? Or turning a blind eye to contrary ideas when the evidence plain to see? They may be switched-on in their area of expertise, but in certain areas outside of this they have well and truly switched off, being content to have their opinions made for them.

We're living in a time of subjectivity and in some cases wilful ignorance.

In my blog I am going to examine a number of ideas which have stimulated my interest over the years, including some we're not allowed to discuss. This is my commitment to be a radical seeker of truth.

May objectivity and wisdom prevail.



Mike Parker

Disclaimer: This site and the information provided through it, is intended to stimulate thought and debate through which the collective wisdom and knowledge of mankind may advance. You are responsible for your own thoughts, words and actions and I accept no liability for any of them.



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